Driver Identification Solution

With the installation of our RFID , you can always rest assured that no one can use your vehicles apart from the assigned drivers. The vehicles simply won’t start for anyone else, and if an unauthorized driver attempts to start the vehicle, a buzzer will sound.

Real Time Tracking With RFID and GPS Tracker

 Each time the driver starts to drive, he is required to activate his RFID card reader first. The data shall be sent to the server via GPS tracker and stored. The management team can view a complete RFID report online and know exactly when driver starts to drive.

School Bus RFID Attendance and Tracking System

The RFID School Bus RFID Attendance System for the children is incorporated in the school bus GPS Tracking system to provide enhanced security and safety of the school going children

How it Works
  • In the school bus, a wireless RFID device is installed
  • Each student is provided with an ID smart card.
  • Based on student's ID and punch time, SMS is sent to parents to notify pick up drop alert
  • Smart Card + optional Biometric Authentication
  • Attendance data is stored on web server cloud. Anytime from anywhere to view attendance reports.
  • A comprehensive & Customized Data and Analytical Reports Bus Attendance Tracking System

Driver Supervision and Accountability

How it Works

GPS Tracker + RFID Reader + Card/Tag + GPS tracking software

  • GPS tracker is installed on vehicle
  • RFID reader is connected to GPS tracker.
  • Card is held by the driver. One RFID reader can be matched with several cards.
  • Add card number to tracking Centre by scanning RFID card to Reader

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  • Driver Identification