Vehicle monitoring

Our GPS Monitoring system is securely well supported on a Web- Based platform that provides a comprehensive Vehicle Monitoring & Fleet Management System.
Through the office computer or mobile phone, Space Eye GPS System enables the user to perform the following functions:-

    1. Web-based Real-time GPS Tracking System.
    2. Stop & start engine remotely.
    3. Monitor and maintain movement and speed records.
    4. Geo-fence control to regulate movement boundaries.
    5. Remote voice monitoring; Two-way communication.
    6. Check ACC/ Ignition status.
    7. Receive tampering or battery interference alarm.
    8. Check mileage record.
    9. Access driving history.
    10. Maintain vehicle movement history.
    11. Comprehensive Fleet Management System.

Reports available from our system include:

      • Live track-movement report
      • Stop Report
      • Speed Report
      • Route History
      • Mileage report
      • Driving history
      • Departure and arrival Time report
      • Vehicle movement playbacks



Asset Recovery

In the unfortunate event of loss, disappearance, or even default on credit servicing, the system provides detailed movement reports of the Motor vehicle that would eventually lead to accurate location and prompt recovery of the same

For complete solutions in:

  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Container Cargo Tracking
  • Asset Finance Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Digital Speed Governors
  • Driver Identification