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Our container cargo tracking system enables you to monitor your container cargo from the moment it arrives at the Mombasa port, while on transit throughout Kenya, at the border points, to the moment it gets to your destination.


Labos Technologies understands that your cargo is valuable and if anything happens to it along the way, it may be detrimental to your business. This is why we use our sophisticated battery-powered portable magnetic GPS trackers on the containers/cargo.

When you enlist with us, we give you access to our user-friendly web based system which offers real-time location access for your container cargo. The system allows you to access the location of your cargo as well as to generate reports concerning the location of your cargo.The reports may be used for management purposes.


Both our web based tracking system and magnetic GPS device are reliable. The tracker has a battery-life of three weeks; This is well within the range of getting your cargo from Mombasa to any destination in the region. The tracker transmits via GSM network meaning that you will be able to access GPS location via SMS, GPRS or Satellite from any location in the world.

By using our system, you gain access to your cargo location through your phone, tablet, or desktop computer at any time. Our infrastructure helps you propagate your hawk eye instincts to closely monitor the movement of your cargo or container from the point of arrival in the country to the destination even outside Kenya.

We offer affordable container cargo tracking services tailormade to meet your needs. If interested or for queries, contact our dedicated team to have your questions answered or be issued with a quotation for the kind of service that you need.