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Fuel Monitoring and Management

Home Fuel Monitoring Solution

Digital Fuel Monitoring Solution

Businesses in the transporting industry attribute about 32% of their operating costs to fuel expenses. Therefore, fuel management and monitoring solution is the first level towards realizing fuel efficiency before looking at alternative transportation routes or driving skills to bring down fuel cost.

Vehicle monitoring systems and GPS tracking systems are often used as the first solution towards taking control of truck fleets. The overall objective is to have control over costs they incur while in transit.

A fuel monitoring solution compliments the vehicle monitoring and GPS tracking solution. However, it is more critical because it touches on the overall cost of operation.

Better fuel management results to lower fuel expenses thus more profits for the business.


Labos Technologies provides its clients with modern Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions that will enable them to view a fuel monitoring system while tracking their fleet.


So, what does our system have making it one of the leading among many in the industry?

  • Fuel monitoring in the system is real time.
  • The client gets notification alerts on SMS, Mobile, and Email when fuel is drained or refilled.
  • You can get alarmed notifications for high or low fuel levels.

  • Refuel and drain locations are shown on the map.
  • Offers calibration procedures on varied levels ensuring up to 98% accuracy.
  • Historical data on refuel and fuel drain is stored and can be generated.

With all the stated capabilities, a transporting business has the right real-time tools to bring fuel costs to the required minimum. However, you can still get more out of the stored data from our servers.

  • Fuel productivity reports for detailed analysis on fuel consumption that can even be used for projected fuel cost reports.
  • Cost per kilometer and fuel logs that come in handy in quoting and billing clients.
  • Generating periodic fuel consumption reports.

Contact us for queries on fuel monitoring solutions as well as the purchase and installation of the GPS tracking and vehicle monitoring systems.