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Web Based Platform

Secure, web based GPS monitoring system that provides complete monitoring

Analyze Fuel Efficiency

Monitor/Analyze fuel refilling and consumption without using additional accessories

Real Time Reports

Get live Mileage report, Route History, Speed Report, and Departure/arrival Time report


Labos Technologies (K) Ltd is a major provider of fleet management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing local fleets

Container Cargo Tracking

Track your goods leaving the port of Mombasa and view real time reports all the way to the border points and beyond
Our container Tracking System allows you to know where your container cargo is. You can track your container anytime and get its current location while on transit.
To track a container location, we attach a portable battery-powered magnetic tracker (with stand by power of over 3 weeks) on the container and give access to the owner for his/her tracking needs.