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School Bus Monitoring System

Having a reliable school transport is one of the biggest challenges parents encounter for their school going children. Many parents will prefer the services of a school bus which will pick and drop their children but still they have to endure some difficulties like:

  • Uncertainty of bus arrival time. The parent and child have to wake up very early and be at the designated pick-up spot to avoid missing the school bus.
  • Insecurity: Some neighborhoods are insecure but the children are forced to wait for long which poses a great risk on their safety.
  • Route management challenges: – In some cases the school bus is caught up in traffic snarl-ups leading to long delays in pick-up or drop-off time. This will affect the pick-up schedule leading to inconveniences on the parents and children.
  • Loss of prime work time; – Without a proper system to help the parent or guardian know the exact time of pick-up or drop-off time of the child, the parent has to forego prime work time as they wait for the school bus.
  • Fuel loss and inefficiency; – Without a proper system to guide the driver, the school bus will use more fuel as the driver is limited to only follow a designated route.


Labostrack Monitoring system has a solution for all this; –

  • Parent Account; – By subscribing to our service, the parent is given a GPS monitoring account with unique user ID and login credentials that will enable him/her follow the bus movements real time and also receive alerts of the bus departure or arrival.
  • Insecurity Solution: – By being able to monitor the school bus, the child will only leave the house once the bus arrives.
  • Route management solution: – Labostrack app is able to direct the driver on the fastest route to follow. The app also keeps the parent updated on the exact location of the school bus leading to maximum efficiency on route management.
  • Time management Solution; – The system will help the school achieve minimum time of transporting the children and maximize on learning time. The parent too will be able to spend more time at work.
  • Fuel saving solution; – By use of Labostrack system, the driver is able to make proper judgement on fastest route to follow without inconveniencing the child or the parent.