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Vehicle Monitoring

Our GPS Monitoring system is securely well supported on a Web- Based platform that provides a comprehensive Vehicle Monitoring & Fleet Management System. Through the office computer or mobile phone, Space Eye GPS System enables the user to perform the following functions:-

  • Web-based Real-time GPS Tracking System
  • Stop & start engine remotely
  • Monitor and maintain movement and speed records
  • Geo-fence control to regulate movement boundaries
  • Remote voice monitoring; Two-way communication

  • Check ACC/ Ignition status
  • Receive tampering or battery interference alarm
  • Check mileage record
  • Access driving history
  • Maintain vehicle movement history

Reports Available from our Vehicle Monitoring System:

  • Live track-movement report
  • Stop Report
  • Speed Report
  • Route History

  • Mileage report
  • Driving history
  • Departure and arrival Time report
  • Vehicle movement playbacks